Terms and conditions

    2Wheels4Rent terms and conditions

    2Wheels4Rent, (company name). (hereinafter referred to as “Renter” or “2Wheels4Rent”) with its registered office in, Largo António Ferreira Da Araujo Lote E 1º, Montenegro 8005-261 Faro, rents the person (s) identified in the rental agreement (hereinafter referred to as ” Customer “or” Conductor “) the vehicle described in the rental contract (hereinafter referred to as” Vehicle “), in accordance with the rental terms and conditions described below and or in any attachment that the customer knows and accepts and after signing undertakes to observe and respect.

    1. Age and category of driving license

    The driver must be at least 18 years old, valid driving license, and appropriate experience in a motorcycle of the same size and power as the one proposed to rent. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the driving license they hold is valid for the vehicle they wish to rent.

    An information table on the categories of driving licenses in Portugal is available at the service desk.

    2. Reservations

    The 2Wheels4Rent will always make every effort to provide the vehicle booked for the rental period. If for reasons of force majeure 2Wheels4Rent can not provide the reserved model, another equivalent can replace the reserved model. If the replacement is made by a lower fare model than that originally booked by the customer, 2Wheels4Rent will reimburse the amount of the difference in fares. If the fare of the replacement vehicle is higher than the vehicle initially booked by the customer, this difference will be borne by 2Wheels4Rent.

    3. Vehicle survey and delivery

    The lifting and delivery of the vehicle must be done at the address, day and time specified in the particular conditions of the rental agreement of the vehicle.

    If the client wishes to extend the rental period, he must inform 2Wheels4Rent at least 24h in advance. Depending on the availability of the fleet, 2Wheels4Rent may or may not authorize the extension of the rental period.

    If the extension of the rental period is not requested and the vehicle is not returned at the address, date and time stipulated in the rental agreement, it will be considered illegal use of the vehicle and this fact will be reported to the Portuguese authorities.

    4. Responsibilities of 2Wheels4Rent

    The 2Wheels4Rent has to deliver the vehicle in good repair and maintenance and in safe driving condition. The customer must receive all the documentation of the vehicle (single circulation document, green insurance letter and friendly declaration) as well as the contracted accessories.

    2Wheels4Rent must check and record on the form to be delivered to the customer the damages existing in the vehicle when it is delivered.

    5. Customer Responsibilities.

    The customer is responsible for ensuring that he has a valid driving license to drive the vehicle he intends to rent. Driver’s license and identity card or passport must be presented by the customer.

    During the rental period, the customer is responsible for all fines and violations of the road code or other violations of the law. 2Wheels4Rent is responsible for informing the client’s identity or giving other information to the Portuguese authorities whenever requested.

    It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the rented vehicle:

    Will be used according to manufacturer’s recommendations
    It will be used with full respect for the road code of the country in which it circulates
    Will not be used negligently
    Will not be used in competitions
    Will not be used off-road or on conventional roads
    Will not be used for illegal reasons
    It shall not be used with a weight exceeding its authorized capacity
    It will not be driven by someone not included in the rental agreement
    Will not be used if your mechanical condition is considered unsafe
    Will not be used on the effect of alcohol, drugs or other narcotic substances
    Will not be used if the client’s physical condition is weakened by illness or tiredness

    Failure to comply with any of the previous paragraphs involves the immediate cancellation of insurance making the customer fully liable for the full value of the motorcycle and accessories.

    6. Insurance

    Included in the rental rate are the following insurance coverages:

    Compulsory civil liability

    Own damages and theft with franchise amount specified in the rental agreement.

    Travel assistance (Continental Portugal)

    The deductible for damage due to collision and theft is defined by the guarantee deposit (locked in credit or debit card) maintained by 2Wheels4Rent and specified in the lease agreement, the amount of which varies according to the leased model.

    With regard to damage or theft of the motorcycle, the deductible of own damages is always the maximum responsibility of the customer.

    Under no circumstances does own damage cover cover damage or loss of rented accessories such as GPS, helmets.

    The insurance policy shall automatically be considered null and void if:

    The customer leaves the scene of the accident in which he is involved

    The customer shall not immediately inform the authorities and 2Wheels4Rent of the disappearance of the vehicle.

    The rented vehicle is premeditated by the customer or someone for whom the customer is responsible

    The vehicle is involved in an accident and the customer does not inform 2Wheels4Rent in the shortest possible time

    The vehicle is driven by the customer and is influenced by alcohol, drugs or other narcotic substances.

    The vehicle is driven in areas not authorized by 2Wheels4Rent such as racing circuits, off national roads or outside the national territory

    If the customer does not meet the requirements stipulated in point 6 that describe the client’s responsibilities

    7. Cancellation of reservations

    Reservations made through the 2Wheels4Rent website may be canceled by 2Wheels4Rent itself or by the customer provided that cancellation requests are made at least 24 Hours in advance. For this purpose the customer can contact 2Wheels4Rent and make the cancellation of their reservation, by the telephone number 00351 932 346 003, or by the email address 2wheels4rent@gmail.com.

    No cancellation fee will be charged for all return requests made more than 24 hours in advance

    8. Return Policy

    Refunds of payments made are automatically issued when the cancellation request is made. Whenever possible the return must be made by the same payment method, but if it is not possible, the user must present proof of payment and account or card ownership, so that the return can be made by Bank Transfer.

    2Wheels4Rent undertakes to return all amounts received (except bank fees) within a maximum of 5 working days.

    No refunds will be made if the rental finishes earlier if the customer does not show up to pick up the car or if the reservation is canceled less than 24 hours in advance.

    All matters relating to returns may be dealt with under no. telephone number 00351 932 346 003 or email address, 2wheels4rent@gmail.com

    9. Mechanical breakdown

    In the event of a mechanical breakdown, the customer should contact 2Wheels4Rent with the exact location and detail of the type of fault. If repair is necessary and possible, the customer must obtain 2Wheels4Rent authorization to do so.

    If repair is not possible, 2Wheels4Rent will endeavor to replace the damaged vehicle in the shortest time possible.

    2Wheels4Rent will reimburse the customer for the time the vehicle is immobilized, if for any reason the replacement of the vehicle is not possible, 2Wheels4Rent will reimburse the customer for all unused days.

    Refunds or replacement of the vehicle are excluded if they are caused by accidents or mechanical breakdown caused by vehicle fall or misuse

    10. I am aware that the vehicle may be equipped with a geo-location device which may be used in the event of non-performance of the contract, theft or crossing of frontiers.

    11 All transactions carried out through our website, whether by ATM, PayPal or direct payments through credit or debit cards (VISA and MasterCard) are processed by an external company called Easypay (www.easypay.pt)

    12. In case of dispute between the client and 2Wheels4Rent, this will be regulated according to the Portuguese laws. Both the customer and 2Wheels4Rent agree to establish the Faro County Courthouse to resolve any disputes arising from the rental agreement with the express exclusion of any other.

    General Note About Payments

    All payments made on our website through ATM or credit / debit card (visa / mastercard) and are processed by PayPal (www.paypal.com) and EasyPay (www.easypay.pt).