Resolution of Consumer Disputes

Under article 18 of Law No. 144/2015, of 8 September, we inform you that, in the event of consumer disputes, the consumer may resort to an alternative resolution entity to resolve consumer disputes, such as:
- Algarve Consumer Dispute Information, Mediation and Arbitration Centre, located at Edifício Ninho de Empresas, Estrada da Penha, 8005-131 Faro, website:




2wheels4rent, (hereinafter referred to as the 'RENTAL COMPANY') rents the user (hereinafter referred to as the 'CLIENT') identified in the rental agreement (hereinafter 'CONTRACT') the vehicle therein indicated, under the terms and conditions referred to below, to which the CLIENT agrees and accepts:



a) that the presentation of a valid driving license is necessary for the rental of the vehicle;

b) that, being a minor, but never under 16, it's necessary to have the presencial authorization of any of the tutor, wich assumes in writing full responsibility for this contract in a form provided by the RENTAL COMPANY;

c) that the RENTAL COMPANY may ask the CLIENT to drive a test scooter to evaluate the driving skills;

d) that the RENTAL COMPANY can decline the rental of the vehicle if the evaluation of the driving skills is against the health and safety of the CLIENT



a) that they received the vehicle in good working order and condition as verified upon delivery, with the necessary legal documentation;

b) that unless stated otherwise in writing, the vehicle was received with a full tank of the type of fuel generally used in this type of vehicle, committing to return it under the same conditions; if this does not happen you will be charged for the fuel plus restocking fee from the price table.

c) to return the vehicle to the premises of the rental company or at the location formerly agreed to, with all the documents, tools, accessories and equipment;

d) that the vehicle and other equipment will be returned in the condition in which they were received.

e) the vehicle should be returned clean and exempt of personal belongings. A fee will be applied in case of a returning a dirty vehicle.



a) that the minimum rental period is one day (24 hours) and that the use of the rental vehicle beyond the initially agreed time, assumes the payment of extra time according to the table of prices in use;

b) that whenever an extension of the contract is required for one or more days it must be communicated to THE RENTAL COMPANY, in order to obtain agreement from them, at least 2 hours before the expiry of the original time of validity, being that in the absence of timely information before extending the CONTRACT, if there is an elapse of three hours from the initial term of agreement, the legal formalities for immediate return of the vehicle will be triggered ;

c) that payment is calculated in euros and always made in advance;

d) that a deposit of no less than two hundred euros, will always be required from the CLIENT and will be returned at the end of the contract in the same manner it was provided if there is no damage to the rental vehicle or equipment or there are no pending debts; the RENTAL COMPANY is not liable for exange rates differences on international customers.

e) that all damage to the rented vehicle is the responsibility of the CLIENT, except those caused by third parties and are duly proven.



The RENTAL COMPANY reserves the right to reduce the rental period and demand the immediate return of the vehicle, on the grounds of non-compliance with the contractual terms.



a) that the vehicle will be driven solely by the CLIENT or by authorised persons registered as extra drivers in the CONTRACT, for which the CLIENT is personally liable;

b) that the vehicle cannot be used: for transporting goods in violations of customs regulations or in any illegal practices; for the carrying of passengers or goods, in paid service; to push or tow a trailer vehicle; in sports competitions; by any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

c) that the vehicle may only circulate in Portugal, unless expressly given written authorization by the RENTAL COMPANY;

d) that the vehicle may be equipped with geo-location system for the purpose of the prevention of theft and with an electronic toll collection device.

e) that the vehicle can only be driven in tarmac roads and should never be driven offroad

f) that the vehicle cannot be sublet or hire the vehicle to any other person;



a) that the CLIENT is fully responsable for the good working order of all acessories and equipment provided by the RENTAL COMPANY;

b) that there could be additional deposits for especial equipment like GPS's or Wifi Hotspots, as stated in the price tables.

c) that upon returning the acessories, it's condition will be verified by the RENTAL COMPANY

d) that the CLIENT is liable in case of damage, loss or theft of the supplied equipment, having to pay it in full to the RENTAL Company,



a) that they expressly acknowledge responsibility and undertakes to pay to the RENTAL COMPANY : the costs of the rental period; all fines, penalties and legal expenses for any infractions on the road; the RENTAL COMPANY'S expenses for repairs and damage caused by accidents outside the agreed insurance conditions. In the case of expenses for fees tolls will you be charged a minimum amount of €10 will be charged

b) that in case of documentation loss, the CLIENT will pay €50, so that the RENTAL COMPANY can ask for new documentation. The RENTAL COMPANY is entitled to apply processing fees.



a) that the rental vehicle is insured in accordance with the legal provisions in force in Portugal (civil liability insurance before third parties);

b) that in the event of an accident the client undertakes to proceed, cumulatively, as follows:
write down the addresses and identification of the parties and witnesses; do not admit fault or liability; do not leave the vehicle without taking appropriate measures of protection; call immediately the premises of the rental company, even in case of small injury and provide the RENTAL COMPANY, within a maximum of 24 hours, the full description of the occurrence; notify the police immediately if the culpability of another person should be determined or in the case of injury (telephone number 112);

c) Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) - is an optional insurance for extra 6 euros per day.
It does not cover damage to scooter parts such as mirror, headlights, wheels.
Without CDW insurance, the deductible is the total damage caused by the client.
With a CDW insurance, the deposit is reduced depending on the type of scooter.
With a CDW insurance, the deductible is reduced depending on the type of scooter.



a) that the RENTAL COMPANY is released of any liability for loss of goods left, stored or transported by you or any other person, in or on the vehicle, during the rental period and until its return.

b) that CLIENT are obliged to always lock the vehicle with the means provided by the RENTAL COMPANY.



a) that any additions or amendments to the CONTRACT shall be considered null or without effect if they have not been concluded in writing and signed by both parties.



a) that the authorisation and the collection and processing of personal data, pursuant to law No 67/98 of 26 October to the RENTAL COMPANY, for use in contractual relationship with the CLIENT and also for the purposes of direct marketing by the RENTAL COMPANY.

b) that the CLIENT reserves the right of access, rectification, updating of data and opposition to the use for purposes of direct marketing, via written communication to the RENTAL COMPANY.



a) that all notifications and citations to be carried out under the CONTRACT will be sent to the addresses contained in the same, that both sides recognise as their permanent domicile here agreed, for all legal purposes, obligating one another to communicate any change of address;

b) that all matters of litigation will be of the competence of the courts in the jurisdiction of the district of Faro.

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